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BiSecur Hormann Garage Door Operators are now available from SWGD

Its been a while but the new Hormann Series 3 BiSecur range of operators has been released.

This is great news as the prices have only increased slightly, but the benefits are significant. The radio frequency has now been further improved to give ‘internet banking’ style security.

The Supramatic comes with BiSecur ready remotes, this means that if you press the centre button the remote will interrogate the  operator and flash red or green to say if the door is open or closed. You will never have to go outside to check if your door is open again!

The Promatic comes with the new style remotes, but they arent BiSecur, although the operaotr is BiSecur ready. So If you want this new feature, just buy a BiSecur remote control.

The standard remotes are black but if you prefer the white ones, these can be ordered at extra cost!