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Control your garage doors or gates from your mobile phone????

Would you like to be able to control  your garage doors or gates from your mobile phone or a computer?

We have recently discovered a new product that allows you to control your garage doors, gates, lights or awning from a web based application. This can be accesed from your mobile phone or pc and will allow to control all these things easily and simply.

The control box installs directly onto your LAN (local area network) or plugged in to your router, you then access this directly via an IP address to the control page. Each item that you want to control will need to have its own receiver installed and then your in business.

We have been using it with iphone and it works perfectly. When you log into the front page, save it to your home screen. Then all you have to do is click the icon, this will then pop up with the list of controlable items on your network, just press the buttons on screen to trigger the door or gate etc.

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