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SWS Seceuroglide Training 2013


SWGD would like to thank Philip Cooper of SWS for his time today for the training session in our Bodmin Branch.

All staff were trained today in the new state of the art control systems for the Seceuroglide garage doors. This new system has several improvements over the older PDT system, namely an optical safety edge on the bottom of the door which will be extremely reliable.

The new remote controls themselves are very modern and feel high quality. There is also control from your mobile phone on the Horizon, by text and dial in.

All in all, SWS Seceuroglide have made some significant changes to their product ensuring they keep their position as market leader in the mains voltage roller shutter market.

If you would like to come and see the doors in operation then please give us a call on 01208 264888, we have showrooms in Bodmin and Helston so we are never far away from you.

Alternatively we can come to see you for a free no-obligation quotation at your premises